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Esperanza means Hope.
Established in the year 2007 by it’s founder Chairman Chandrasekhar. Vasireddi
We run a chain of Preschools and 24x7 Childcare Centres in India.
Our Head office is based in Hyderabad, South India.
Today Esperanza group runs and manages more than 18 schools across India.
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16/12/2010 - 28/02/2015

Diya is a 4 year old bright and fun loving kid from Hyderabad.
Born on 16th December 2010.
She was a student of Esperanza right from the time she was 6 months old.

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Around 5.30am, on 27th February 2015, Diya met with a tragic road accident while she was on her way from Bangalore to Hyderabad.
She lost her grandparents in the accident and this little one was fighting for her life with severe head injuries.
Around 7pm on 28th February, Diya succumbed to her injuries and left this world at such a tender age.
Seeing the little girl, fighting for her life on a hospital bed has really moved me.
That moment made me discover the other side of me.
It inspired me to do something for her in her loving memory & at the same time for the society.
Diya truly has been my inspiration to start a foundation which could touch the lives of many people in many different ways ,in the times to come by.
The Esperanza Diya foundation is in memory of our little Diya.
Though she is not physically present in this world, she will continue to drive this wonderful initiative along with Esperanza.
God Bless Diya and God Bless Esperanza!

Aims & Objectives

  • To undertake and carry out charitable programs by granting donations to the under privileged children who desperately seek medical and financial help to survive from their medical condition.
  • To undertake and carry out charitable, educational and socio-economic programs for the welfare and upliftment of people irrespective of age, caste, community or creed and also to grant scholarship or donations for the said purposes.
  • To responsibly utilize the properties, income as well as the principal of the Trust fund for Social/ Charitable purposes namely, eradication of poverty, education, medical relief, inculcation of good values and any other service that is for the good of the society.
  • To establish, promote, maintain, assist, finance and support individuals, institutions & undertakings (Charitable institutions, NGO’s, Orphanages, Widow homes, Schools, Old age homes, Lunatic Asylums, Poor houses etc.) that are intended to help poor, abandoned, old, infirm and/or destitute individuals of all ages.
  • To help, financially, poor and destitute individuals who are in dire need of any such assistance. The implementation of schemes and assistance that will lead to the upliftment of the poor is also in the agenda.
  • To provide or render monetary and/or other help and assistance for the relief of individuals affected by natural or other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquake, storm, accidents, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like. The trust will also give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions or persons doing relief work on such occasions.
  • To finance public beneficial undertakings such as the establishment and maintenance of wells, tube-wells, tanks, water-reservoirs, planting and keeping of trees and construction of and repairs of roads, bridges etc.
  • To conduct camps to educate people about HIV, AIDS and any other dangerous diseases & to stress the importance of Sanitation, Civic sense, Clean and green Surroundings, environment, Global warming.
  • To attend to the medical needs of the oppressed sections of our society by setting up medical institutions & hospitals that will be actively involved with the stated cause as well as divulge in research and education of medical sciences including the discipline of surgery.
  • To publish books, pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers in India or abroad for the spread and advancement of education, Health and Culture.


Esperanza group is committed to the Esperanza Diya foundation.
Every year, a certain percentage of every child’s annual fee paid at our schools, shall be donated to this foundation.
On top of this we expect to drive this initiative by seeking funds and donations from generous donors like you, who share the same passion and intent as us, in doing something constructive for the society in many different ways.
Every single penny coming in the form of donations will be accounted for and displayed on this website.
Go ahead and be a part of this wonderful initiative and we are sure that your good thoughts and actions will not go unnoticed.
Let’s live and let Live!



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